Advances in the Management of Gastric Cancer

Advances in the Management of Gastric CancerGastric cancer remains a challenging problem in oncology. This book is designed to provide an updated summary of the current status of gastric cancer diagnosis and management and to show what the future possibilities in the management of stomach cancer might be. In their chapters, Dr. Hundahl provides an update on the role of surgery in gastric cancer, emphasizing that it is now possible to tailor surgical approaches to individual patients; Drs. Chua and Cunningham provide important information documenting the recently demonstrated benefits of perioperative chemotherapy in improving the outcome of patients with gastric cancer; Drs. Mahtani and Waltzman discuss the important gains in cure rates resulting from the use of post-gastrectomy chemoradiation, which has made this approach a standard of care in the view of many clinicians; Dr. Mitchell reviews the current status of cytotoxic chemotherapy in stomach cancer, emphasizing the many chemotherapeutic options available and the reasoning that clinicians use in choosing the right treatment option for the right patient.

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