Estrogen Versus Cancer

Estrogen Versus CancerOral Cancer is a neoplasm with a fairly large male to female ration in most populations. Moreover, it develops in older age in females in comparison with males, and the ration of non-smokers, non-drinkers among elderly female oral cancer cases if surprisingly high. The conspicuously lower incidence of this tumor among women than men is suggestive of certain endocrine involvement in its development.There are no available literary data as yet which would give an explanation to this gender specific incidence of oral cancer. Oral cancer is a multi casual disease and there are thorough interrelationships among the etiologic factors. Till now, exogenous harmful noxae (tobacco, alcohol comsumption and energy rich diet) were overemphasized in its epidemiology. However, these exogenous factors have not only local carcinogenic effect in the oral cavity, but also induce systematic changes by means of metabolic and hormonal pathways.

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