Primary Hyperlipidemias. An Atlas Of Investigation And Diagnosis

Primary Hyperlipidemias: An Atlas Of Investigation And DiagnosisA comprehensively illustrated guide to diagnosis, this atlas will assist cardiologists, endocrinologists, primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals in their daily task of making an accurate assessment of the patient and then formulating the most effective management program for each manifestation of this highly complex group of disorders.
This ground-breaking work--the first atlas of its kind--presents the science of lipid disorders in a clinical context by: illustrating the appearance of commonplace presentations as well as rare and complex disorders; relating observed signs of disease with underlying metabolic disease processes; providing comprehensive accounts of each condition's clinical characteristics permit early diagnosis of disease and more effective treatment; reviewing key investigative procedures including use of biomarkers, with notes on gene and protein structures including important mutations; including extensive references which clarify complexities of classification and nomenclature.

Primary Hyperlipidemias. An Atlas Of Investigation And Diagnosis.exe