Pathology Pre-Test Series 10th Ed

Pathology Pre-Test Series 10th EdThe study of pathology, a science so basic to clinical medicine, has been abbreviated sadly in many medical schools in recent years, and at a time when explosive growth is occurring in the science. Recent advances in immunopathology, diagnosis of bacterial and viral diseases including AIDS, and detection of infectious agents such as papillomavirus in cervical dysplasia are proceeding at a tremendous rate. The tenth edition of Pathology: PreTest® Self-Assessment and Review includes such new subject areas as predictive values in the interpretation of laboratory data, the importance of cytokines, the molecular basis of genetic and other disease processes, and molecular biology techniques as these apply to lymphoproliferative disorders and other tumors.
The medical student must feel submerged at times in the flood of information—occasionally instructors may have similar feelings. This edition is not intended to cover all new knowledge in addition to including older anatomic and clinical pathology.

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