Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases. Definition, Diagnosis, and Management

Primary Immunodeficiency DiseasesPrimary immunodeficiency disorders (PID) are a heterogeneous group of rare inherited conditions, caused by defects of different components of the immune system, and characterized by an unusual increased susceptibility to infections and a predisposition to autoimmunity and malignancy. As of different clinical and laboratory features of these disorders, PID involves different specialities and sub-specialities in addition to general practitioners. As of an increased trend in recognition and characterization of new types of PID, there is a need for all physicians to be aware about such disorders. This book would be a practical book, describe the definition, etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management of all PID to increase awareness of all physicians regarding such disorders. This book would also provide excellent guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of patients, which are useful in clinical assistance to all patients and better health planning.

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