Congenital Malformations

Congenital MalformationsThis book is intended to serve as a quick reference for medical students, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners, and practicing clinicians in the fields of pediatrics, family practice, genetics, and obstetrics. The main objectives of this book are to provide the most current information on common major congenital malformations in a concise and easy-to-read format and to provide evidencebased guidelines for evaluation and management of these infants.
The first three chapters provide a broad overview of dysmorphology, assessment of an infant with congenital malformation, and guiding principles of genetic counseling. The rest of the chapters are devoted to the commonly encountered congenital malformations from different organ systems. The structure of this book was conceived to provide information in a concise but clear and easy-to-read format. For example, the list of associated syndromes is not exhaustive but includes syndromes most likely to be seen in association with a particular congenital malformation.

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