Pediatrics (Orthopaedic Surgery Essentials Series)

Pediatrics (Orthopaedic Surgery Essentials Series)One's first rotation through pediatric orthopaedics can be a bit like a visit to a foreign country—certain things are familiar, but there are also new sights, unfamiliar terrain, and a language and culture to learn. Think of this book as a travel guide: It's been designed to provide you with useful information, point you in the right direction, and whet your appetite for further exploration on your own.
In other words, Orthopaedic Surgery Essentials: Pediatrics is not meant to be an exhaustive, encyclopedic compendium on the topic, nor does it include much in the way of technical surgical detail. Many other texts and atlases exist to fill those niches. Instead, it is meant to provide the first-time or sometime pediatric orthopaedic visitor with essential information so that he or she will be able to easily and confidently evaluate and initiate treatment on a pediatric patient with a given orthopaedic disorder, as well as provide the patient, family, and primary care or emergency physician with answers to their questions.

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