A Colour Atlas of Bone Disease

A Colour Atlas of Bone DiseaseBone disease is uniquely investigated by a good history, clinical examination and appropriate radiology. The majority of traumatic, inflammatory and neoplastic diseases are quickly recognised and further investigation is not often carried out. Metabolic and endocrine bone disease is detected by simple blood tests and in this way most physicians and surgeons diagnose the disease and initiate treatment. This book illustrates the mechanisms at the cellular and microscopic level of these disease processes; the number of radiographs and comment on biochemical findings is therefore kept to a minimum. Tissue biopsy has led to an understanding of the different types of bone disease underlying trauma and neoplastic and metabolic disease. I hope that the common disease processes are well represented; a few rarer diseases are also described to show underlying processes. A bibliography is included to encourage further reading as it is not the purpose of this short illustrated atlas to provide the detail and discussion found in longer texts.

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