Postoperative Pain Management. An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice

Postoperative Pain Management: An Evidence-Based Guide to PracticeA team of today's leaders in this rapidly changing field present definitive, evidence-based guidance on optimal postoperative pain practice. Comprehensive in scope, the text spans the spectrum of patients from infants to the elderly, and examines topics including the scientific basis of postoperative pain, management of postoperative pain, and postoperative pain management in specific clinical settings. A bonus CD-ROM, bound in the text, presents approximately 200 case-based question sets for self-assessment. Provides a comprehensive, current source of information on what practices are supported by existing evidence. Includes practical examples to demonstrate the clinical application of principles or recommendations discussed. Emphasizes evidence-based decision making practice. Presents a design and presentation suitable for all health care workers responsible for the management of postoperative pain. Offers abundant illustrations throughout to facilitate understanding of the material.

Postoperative Pain Management. An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice.exe