ACCP Pulmonary Medicine Board Review. 25th Ed.

ACCP Pulmonary Medicine Board Review. 25th Ed.The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) remains strongly committed to providing the best available evidence-based clinical information to participants of this educational activity and requires an open disclosure of any potential confl ict of interest identifi ed by our committee members. It is not the intent of the ACCP to eliminate all situations of potential confl ict of interest, but rather to enable those who are working with the ACCP to recognize situations that may be subject to question by others. All disclosed confl icts of interest are reviewed by the educational activity course director/chair, the Education Committee, or the Confl ict of Interest Review Committee to ensure that such situations are properly evaluated and, if necessary, resolved. The ACCP educational standards pertaining to confl ict of interest are intended to maintain the professional autonomy of the clinical experts inherent in promoting a balanced presentation of science. Through our review process, all ACCP CME activities are ensured of independent, objective, scientifi cally balanced information.

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