Surgical Intensive Care Medicine. 2nd Ed.

Surgical Intensive Care Medicine. 2nd Ed.This second edition of the popular "Surgical Intensive Care Medicine" textbook has been specifically designed to be a practical reference for medical students and house officers to help manage the critically ill surgical patient. The first section is titled “Resuscitation” and exposes the reader to a condensed version of generic topics in primary intensive care medicine. The sections that follow have been categorized according to medical and surgical subspecialties and cover the most germane of problems encountered in a tertiary surgical intensive care unit. For the second edition, the editors and authors have thoroughly revised every chapter, with the same evidence-based orientation as the first edition. The chapter authors are experts from around the world, bringing the multi-disciplinary nature critical practice and the necessary diversity of opinion and approach. This edition is more heavily illustrated to elucidate complex concepts–operative photos, imaging, and clinical illustrations abound.

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