Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery: An Operative Guide

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery: An Operative GuideRepair of simple and complex abdominal hernias by the laparoscopic technique is now the method of choice in many centers. Laparoscopic repair offers equivalent outcomes to open repair, with the additional benefits of greater patient satisfaction and reduced hospitalization. For some hernias, notably incisional and hiatal, the outcome appears to be superior using the minimally invasive technique. This book, authored by an international team of leading surgeons in the field of hernia repair, gives a definite guide to appropriate patient selection and operative technique. The introductory section delivers a useful, illustrated account of instrumentation, biomaterials and mesh fixation. Subsequent sections provide detailed information about inguinal, incisional and hiatal herniorraphy, including four chapters devoted to the use of laparoscopy in the pediatric patient. Robotics and the socio-economic aspects of hernia surgery are also discussed.

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