Problem Solving in Haematology

Problem Solving in HaematologyIn "Problem Solving in Haematology", an expert panel lead readers through real-life clinical presentations on how to diagnose and manage a variety of clinical cases seen in haematology practice. The problem-based learning approach should have an immediate impact as a teaching tool to trainees, and more experienced clinicians will find the literature summaries useful to keep them up-to-date with the latest clinical trials and current thinking in the field. Over 30 common and challenging clinical scenarios create a foundation incorpoarting recent medical literature and presenting the latest guidelines for management. Each case opens with a series of questions which is a useful testing exercise for readers. This is followed by background information on the disorder, recent developments in the field and a conclusion on management. Algorithms reflecting the strategic steps in management are included wherever possible. The case-approach lends itself to quick and easy reading, whilst also offering invaluable information on diagnosis and management from experienced authors.

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